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Enron and IT Quality Assurance.

US Public Opinion Toward Voting Systems Security: 2004. (PDF Version)

Election Systems Consulting

There have been tremendous comings-and-goings, mergers, and acquisitions of vendors in the elections market. Activist groups, bloviating bloggers, and academics have created new debates for varieties of reasons, some for self-serving attention and some for concerns over access to accurately counted ballots.


However, InfoSENTRYs project team members have worked continuously with statewide and local election systems projects throughout the country since 1994 to improve their election systems. We have been involved in successfully implementing election management systems, complex statewide voter registration systems, and statewide voting systems for larger county election offices and Chief State Election Officials. InfoSENTRY has no business affiliations with system vendors, hardware firms, and software suppliers. Its corporate officers do not contribute time or money to political campaigns, political advocacy groups, or political action committees.


InfoSENTRYs projects for election officials have included: 


 Needs assessment and requirements analysis for a statewide voter registration system [Click HERE for a printable PDF version.}

 Needs assessment and requirements analysis for the Oregon Central Voter Registry [Click HERE for a printable PDF version.}

 County Voter Registration System Needs Assessment, Requirements Analysis, Contract Management, and User Acceptance Test Management [Click HERE for a printable PDF version.}

 Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of a Statewide Voter Registration System Oracle Database Design [Click HERE for a printable PDF version.}

 Requirements analysis and procurement management for the North Carolina statewide voter registration system [Click HERE for a printable PDF version.}

 Teaching Purchasing Processes and Contract Negotiation for Certification

 Quality Assurance Planning, Quality Assurance Reviews, and Risk Assessments for a Statewide Voter Registry

 Statewide Election Security Management Plan for a State Election Office

 Business impact analysis, disaster recovery plan, and disaster recovery tests for a county elections office

 Preparing a statewide business impact analysis, disaster recovery plan, and election continuity plan

 Voter registration system and vote tabulation system contract negotiation and contract management

 User acceptance testing: voter registration systems

 User acceptance testing: vote tabulation systems

 Auditing vote tabulation systems certification testing


In working for our state and local election clients, we offer the following advantages:

       Nationwide election systems project experience.

       Documented project quality management practices.

       Certified IT professionals managing every project.

       Services designed to fit your project requirements.


These advantages mean that InfoSENTRY can start work on even the largest election system project with a minimum of "startup costs" and a very short project learning curve.


Contact InfoSENTRY at or call Glenn Newkirk, 919.810.2514.


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