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InfoSENTRY Requirements Analysis and Procurement Management for a Statewide Voter Registration System


InfoSENTRY worked with an independent consulting firm in 1995 to conduct a needs assessment and requirements analysis for a statewide voter registration system in North Carolina. The project involved detailed survey research efforts, focus groups, documentation analysis, site visits, and process walkthroughs in State agencies and over a dozen counties. The research built upon an InfoSENTRY principal’s experience almost a decade earlier preparing a study for the North Carolina General Assembly on the costs and benefits of a statewide voter registry. The resulting report contained item-by-item listings of functional needs for a new statewide voter registration system linking various State agency systems with county offices. It contained four alternative network architectures, developed to meet the functional needs (ranging from a highly centralized mainframe/SNA model to an Internet-based model).

The report, prepared seven years before passage of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), recommended creation of a system that was HAVA-compliant well before the Act’s mandated creation of a single, uniform, and centralized statewide voter registration system. The system requirements analysis contained “order-of-magnitude,” life-cycle cost estimates, detailed advantages and disadvantages, and project implementation schedules for each alternative.

Subsequently, the State Board of Elections contracted with InfoSENTRY from 1995 through 1998 to move the report through State Information Resource Management Commission (I R M C) and state legislative technical reviews. InfoSENTRY assisted State information technology (I T) staff in drafting the State’s Request for Proposals (RFP) for integration services. We assisted in evaluating the vendors’ responses to the RFP’s functional and technical requirements. Following selection of a vendor by the State Board of Elections, InfoSENTRY worked with the State IT agency to prepare the full procurement and selection documentation package. The procurement easily withstood a routine procurement protest by a losing vendor. The winning vendor moved forward with the system development and implementation project.



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