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InfoSENTRY’s Quality Management Planning, Quality Assurance Reviews, and Risk Assessments for a Statewide Voter Registration System


InfoSENTRY prepared a quality management plan (Q M P) for a multi-year statewide voter registration system. InfoSENTRY based the plan on industry-standard guidelines established by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and other project management organizations. The Secretary of State’s office, which was in charge of the system’s implementation project, used the plan to structure documentation, meetings, and quality assurance processes throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The Secretary of State’s office also contracted with InfoSENTRY to conduct periodic quality assurance (Q A) reviews of the project, using the QMP plan as a baseline of expectations and performance for the statewide voter registration system project. InfoSENTRY conducted detailed documentation reviews interviews with elections administration stakeholders throughout the state to develop detailed findings and recommendations for the project’s planning, management, documentation, meetings, training, issue management, risk management, communications, and organizational change management. In each of the approximately quarterly reviews, InfoSENTRY presented both written reports as well as verbal presentations to the Secretary of State’s project team.

As an integral part of the quality assurance process, InfoSENTRY develop a monthly reporting process to monitor and analyze project risk for the statewide voter registration system implementation. Based once again on industry standards and the common body of knowledge guidelines for  risk assessment and management, InfoSENTRY’s process determined the project’s major risk items, their impact if they occured, the likelihood of occurrence, the mitigations in place to lower the impact and likelihood levels, and mitigation steps required to further reduce project risk.

InfoSENTRY’s work on the statewide voter registration system project quality assurance effort began in 2003 and continued through project’s successful implementation in late 2005.



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