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InfoSENTRY Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of A
Statewide Voter Registration System Oracle
® Database Design

InfoSENTRY prepared an independent verification and validation (IV&V) report on a vendor's efforts to develop a technical design for a statewide voter registration database development project. The IV&V report was part of an overall quality assurance (Q A) effort in a statewide voter registration system implementation project. InfoSENTRY had prepared the initial needs assessment and detailed requirements analysis for the State Board of Elections’ statewide voter registration system. The State Board subsequently contracted with a nationally known systems vendor to develop the data standards and database design that would serve as the core of the system.

Following approximately six months of work with the vendor on the project, the State Board contracted with InfoSENTRY to develop an independent verification and validation (IV&V) analysis of the vendor’s data standards and database technical design. The IV&V report analyzed the degree to which the vendor’s technical design for an Oracle® database supported the conceptual design of the entire system that had been agreed upon by both state and local election officials. The report also examined the degree to which the proposed data standards and Oracle® database design would support the business requirements identified in InfoSENTRY’s previous studies for the State Board. It also examined the degree to which the database design followed industry standards for relational database management systems.

The report pointed out that the vendor’s database design was a strong one, taking advantage of Oracle’s® database management capabilities and providing flexibility for future data design modifications. However, the report also pointed out that the vendor had made certain assumptions about dataflows into the database that contradicted critical parts of the overall system’s conceptual design and architecture. The contradictions required the vendor to modify the planned dataflows from the counties into the statewide, central database.


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