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InfoSENTRY Statewide Voter Registration System
Requirements Analysis and Needs Assessment


InfoSENTRY worked with another independent consulting firm in 1997-1998 to prepare a requirements analysis and needs assessment for a statewide voter registration system in Illinois. The three-month project involved survey research, focus groups throughout the state, documentation collection and review, site visits in county elections offices, and process walkthroughs in State agencies and eight election jurisdictions.

The resulting report contained detailed assessments of state and local needs for statewide networking capabilities and specific requirements for a statewide voter registration network. The research determined that several organizations, including a law enforcement agency, community colleges, and an association of county officials were interested in the possibility of sharing the cost for build-out of a statewide data communications network in Illinois. The report contained a set of tasks and strategies for first year work, including an immediate assessment of Year 2000 exposure. It contained three alternative network architectures for a statewide voter registration system.

The report focused in great detail on the State’s need for a major data standardization and data conversion project prior to implementation of any statewide voter registration system. Without standardizing formats for key voter registration data elements, the report concluded that a statewide voter registration system would deliver only negligible benefits to Illinois.

Subsequent to the needs assessment, the Illinois State Board of Elections contracted with InfoSENTRY to serve as a technical advisor to its statewide voter registration system design and implementation committee. As a follow-up to this effort, the State Board contracted with InfoSENTRY to perform an independent verification and validation (IV&V) role by examining the database and network plans of the firm selected to implement the statewide voter registration database. The IV&V report, which pointed to several potential problems in the planned data flows among the stakeholders’ systems and the planned database design, suggested alternative approaches to resolving the conflicts.


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