Photos of InfoSENTRY Disaster Recovery Plan Volumes
Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery Planning, and
Disaster Recovery Testing for a County Elections Office

InfoSENTRY prepared a business impact analysis (BIA) for a large county’s elections office. The BIA project involved detailed interviews of the office’s managers and staff, interviews with county information technology (IT) staff, and collection of critical forms for operation of the office’s voter registration and election management functions. InfoSENTRY prepared a business impact analysis for managers in the election office and county IT office. The BIA involved determination of critical recovery windows and critical times for return to operations (RTO).  

Based on the BIA, InfoSENTRY worked with county officials to prepare a disaster recovery plan for the county elections office and its critical IT capabilities. The plan involves redundant processing capabilities for critical servers and client platforms required to support the RTO requirements. It involves alternative network routings with sufficient bandwidth to support core business data communications during emergency and disaster conditions. The plan covers an alternative site for data processing that is located in the northeast US, far removed from the election office’s location in the hurricane-rich Southeast.

Since 2000, InfoSENTRY has conducted annual tests of the disaster recovery plan. The first tests pointed to many shortcomings that threatened the ability of the elections office to carry out its mission in the face of disasters during critical periods. More recent tests continue to provide lessons and improvement opportunities. However, in the most recent tests this year, the county election and IT staffs were able to establish critical IT processing and communications capabilities at a remote facility hundreds of miles away from the office and complete successful processing steps within 24 hours of a test key disaster scenario.

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