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Information System Security and Business Continuity:

Research, Planning, Management, Testing, and Auditing


InfoSENTRY knows that information systems security is a process...not a goal, not a piece of hardware, not a firewall, not a degree from a university, and not a software package. We work with clients to design solid information systems security management processes and improve those processes continuously through periodic security reviews, tests, and other security maintenance operations.


InfoSENTRY assists customers to evaluate the security of their networks, develop practical security management plans, build business continuity capabilities, manage network security operations, and test existing security and continuity.


InfoSENTRY works with customers to evaluate their ability to prevent disasters, mitigate disaster impacts, and recover when catastrophes occur. 


InfoSENTRY works independently from hardware, software, and network vendors, providing an impartial, third-party perspective to your security and continuity planning needs.


Read about InfoSENTRY’s experience…

Developing a business impact analysis, disaster recovery plan, and disaster recovery tests for a county elections office

Writing a security management plan for an agency in a large state government

Preparing a disaster recovery plan and testing the plan for a state legislature’s mission-critical system

Preparing a statewide business impact analysis, disaster recovery plan, and election continuity plan

Conducting a disaster recovery test on a statewide mission-critical application

State Agencywide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Pandemic Tabletop Exercise


Certification and Training

InfoSENTRY Services supports industry efforts in professional certification and training. M. Glenn Newkirk, a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP), certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute International, leads every one of InfoSENTRY’s systems security and business continuity engagements. Mr. Newkirk has delivered numerous public presentations, including a featured session at DR World 2004 Symposium in Orlando, FL. An InfoSENTRY Services Principal also is a Certified Business Resilience Auditor (CBRA) and conducts security, disaster recovery, and business continuity audits against published industry standards. Recent security and continuity professional training by InfoSENTRY staff includes courses in computer systems forensics, network vulnerability testing, supply chain continuity, business continuity auditing, and business impact analysis.

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Project Management, Project Risk Management, and Quality Assurance


Project Recovery Services


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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in State Legislatures:
A Roundtable Discussion


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