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InfoSENTRY Needs Assessment, Requirements Analysis, Contract Management, and User Acceptance Test Management for a County Voter Registration System


InfoSENTRY assisted an Oregon county in various stages of implementation of a voter registration and election management system.

InfoSENTRY principals worked with the county elections division to prepare a needs assessment and requirements analysis for a voter registration and election management system to replace the one being retired on the county mainframe. InfoSENTRY conducted in-depth interviews, structured process walkthroughs, and documentation reviews to produce a list of over 100 core requirements for the new system. The system posed particular challenges because of its detailed support requirements for Oregon’s unique vote-by-mail election processes. Among the many core requirements were those dealing with voter registration data entry, mail ballot management, absentee ballot management, poll worker management and payrolls, and security management. From the outset of the project, InfoSENTRY structured the requirements into its project management database system, SLIM™ (System Lifecycle Information Management).

InfoSENTRY supported the county’s procurement project by guiding development of the Request for Proposals (RFP), establishment of proposal evaluation procedures, selection of the vendor, and contract negotiation with the chosen vendor.

InfoSENTRY developed a full user acceptance test (UAT) plan including all necessary test scenarios and test scripts. Through the months of testing, InfoSENTRY used its SLIM™ system to provide a clear line of traceability between the original requirements and the final status of each acceptance test applied to the vendors’ delivered solution to meet those requirements. SLIM™ allowed preparation of immediate management reports to show both our customer and the vendor the exact status of all user acceptance tests.

Through the remaining months of the project, InfoSENTRY served as the project’s contract manager, monitoring the vendor’s performance against contract requirements. While the vendor delivered the required solution late and while it worked through several rounds of user acceptance tests to meet the demands of Oregon’s vote by mail system, the project finished on contract budget and on scope for the county.


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