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ERPs and Truthiness: 12 Ways to Avoid Nearly Accurate Vendor Statements.



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Enron and IT Quality Assurance.

Increasing Your Return on Failure:  How After Action Reviews Make the Difference

Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship Management


Implementing ERP and CRM systems in large Supply Chain Management projects is difficult. Whether it is SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle®, or another package, the challenge is great. Projects often start with a flourishing news release from the selected vendor. However, the track record for successful implementations of these large, complicated systems is not a good one. Vendors often justify difficulties and failures by setting the success bar very low. Many times the blame for failure falls on the organization's leadership and staff for not being prepared or trained or enthusiastic about the project.


However, the expectation is and must remain that the project succeeds. InfoSENTRY has been involved in conducting organization readiness assessments, project management, project oversight, independent quality assurance (QA) reviews and independent verification and validation (IV&V) reports in very large ERP, CRM, SCM implementations to assist our customers in keeping projects on track...or getting them back on track.


Please follow the links below to see the diversity of InfoSENTRY’s recent experiences in large-scale ERP, SCM, and CRM projects.


¨ Organizational Capacity Assessment and Risk Assessment for an Oracle Financials Enhancement Project  [Click HERE for PDF File]

¨ Quality Assurance Review and Project Status Assessment of a Statewide SAP® Implementation  [Click HERE for PDF File]

¨ Quality Assurance Review of a global PeopleSoft® Implementation  [Click HERE for PDF File]

¨ Quality Assurance Review of a Transportation SAP® Project  [Click HERE for PDF File]

¨ Quality Assurance Review and Independent Validation and Verification Report for a Client Relationship Management (CRM) Planning Project  [Click HERE for PDF File]

¨ After Action Reviews to Document Lessons Learned in a PeopleSoft® Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation  [Click HERE for PDF File]


InfoSENTRY’s project teams base their work on industry-standard guidelines for project management, grounding our research and processes on Project Management Institute (PMI®) and Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE®) guidelines and standards. We have experience in all ERP implementation phases, from project readiness assessments—to writing the Request for Proposals (RFP)—to training and organization change management steps—to post-implementation lesson-learned sessions.


InfoSENTRY uses certified, degreed, experienced, and published professionals on its ERP/CRM/SCM system projects.


For more information on InfoSENTRY's experience in working with these major projects contact us at Call Helen Sims at 919.838.8570 or Glenn Newkirk at 919.810.2514.


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