InfoSENTRY Quality Assurance Review
of a PeopleSoft® Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation

InfoSENTRY carried out a series of six independent, third-party quality assurance (QA) reviews of a PeopleSoft® enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation for a United Nations agency with headquarters in Europe and operations around the world. The quality assurance reviews occurred from 2003 through 2005 involving a $15+ million project to implement PeopleSoft® in the organization. InfoSENTRY’s team on each quality assurance review included a seasoned corps of experienced, certified professionals. The UN agency followed an industry-recommended best practice of building quality assurance reviews into its contract with the implementation vendor and using an independent company to conduct the reviews. The agency chose InfoSENTRY because of our firm’s experience and independence from hardware, software, network, and implementation firms.

InfoSENTRY’s quality assurance reviews for this PeopleSoft® implementation focused on key project elements such as the project’s organization, management, planning, documentation, meeting management, issue management, risk management, organization change management, training, and communications. Each review contained findings and recommendations for each area of the PeopleSoft® implementation project, which was managed by an international consulting firm. The reviews included examining the implementation firm’s test procedures for each of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s integrated modules. Partially as a result of InfoSENTRY’s quality assurance reviews and partially as a result of the implementation firm’s inability to complete the project to industry and contractual standards, the agency replaced the implementation firm and moved forward with the project.

InfoSENTRY applies industry standards to its quality assurance reviews of enterprise-wide systems including SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle® and other systems often costing hundreds of millions of dollars in direct implementation costs. For our customers, this use of industry standards for ERP and other large-scale systems means InfoSENTRY’s quality assurance reviews have direct relevance to improving their project’s performance. For the project’s implementation, solution, and integration vendors, this use of industry standards means their performance will be evaluated by fair, documented standards.


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