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State Legislatures Information Technology Consulting
The challenges have never been greater for the nation's legislatures and their staffs. The demands on legislative information technology staffs continue to grow. Technologies change. Budgets are tight and adding staff is very difficult. Legislators look increasingly to legislative staff to assess huge executive agency IT projects that have problems. 


InfoSENTRY's principals and staff consultants have worked for over two decades in legislatures helping Members and staff meet their IT requirements. We have…


· assessed broad legislative information needs, 

· managed large implementation projects, 

· developed information system security plans and business continuity plans, 

· developed and administered disaster recovery tests, 

· performed network vulnerability assessments, 

· carried out independent project quality assurance reviews,

· reviewed performance and operations of executive branch systems, and

· managed user acceptance tests for legislative applications


...for legislatures coast to coast.



Click on these links for information on some of our legislative consulting engagements:


  Project Management and User Acceptance Testing for a Legislature’s Electronic Document Management System.

  Requirements Analysis for a Bill Status and Bill History Tracking System.

  Quality Assurance Review and Project Status Assessment of a Statewide SAP® Implementation for a Legislative Committee.

  Preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan and Plan Test.


InfoSENTRY’s principals have worked hands-on in assessing and implementing information technology for…


Ž bill status and history systems, 

Ž legislative drafting applications, 

Ž chamber front desk production systems,

Ž document imaging and management systems, 

Ž enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,

Ž education administration and reporting systems,

Ž criminal justice information networks,

Ž financial management systems, and 

Ž public access to legislative documents.


For more information on InfoSENTRY's experience in assisting state legislatures to manage their information technology projects and to assess executive agency IT projects, email or call Glenn Newkirk at 919.838.8570, ext. 16.


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