Kansas State Capitol in Topeka, Kansas
Disaster Recovery Plan and Disaster Recovery Test for a
State Legislature’s Document Management System

InfoSENTRY served as project manager for a state legislature’s innovative implementation of a mission critical document management system. The system quickly became core to the legislature’s bill processing operations, document preparation in both the Senate and the House, and research in legislative staff divisions.

From the outset of the project security was a critical aspect of the document management system’s design. The legislature’s dependence on the system for daily operations meant that the system had to be available, sometimes on a 24x7 basis during critical days of legislative debate. InfoSENTRY worked with the legislature’s computer staff to prepare a disaster recovery plan for the documentation management system to meet these availability requirements.

Before the system went into full production, InfoSENTRY prepared a test scenario and script for recovering the system in the event of a disaster. InfoSENTRY’s business impact analysis determined that the most likely disaster leading to a prolonged disruption of access to the documentation management system was a major weather event, such as a severe thunderstorm or tornado, that created major physical damage to the legislature’s computer center. (In fact, a tornado has destroyed much of the downtown surrounding the State Capitol several years earlier.) InfoSENTRY administered the test, prepared an “After Action Review” to capture lessons learned, and assisted the legislature in modifying its disaster recovery plan to mitigate weaknesses uncovered in the test.

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