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InfoSENTRY's white paper on the future of Internet and online voting

InfoSENTRY's white paper on "The Slow Path to New Voting Technology"

InfoSENTRY conducts a backup/recovery test on its own computer system . Read a brief description of how we did it and what the results were! 

Kansas Legislature Document Management System Technical Papers

Federal Election Commission Publication on statewide voter registration databases

Election TidBytes Newsletter -- InfoSENTRY's quarterly election technology newsletter


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News Releases and Newsletters

InfoSENTRY is involved in a number of projects for public and private sector clients. Periodically, those projects issue reports, technical papers, and monographs. Select one of the items at the left to review these documents or find out how they can be ordered.

InfoSENTRY publishes Election TidBytes, a quarterly newsletter of information technology notes for state and local election officials. Choose the appropriate "Election TidBytes" item at the left to read the online version of the newsletter.


"Dark Corner to DOT.COM: The Road Ahead for Online Voting." (July 15, 2000)  White paper written by M. Glenn Newkirk, an InfoSENTRY Services principal.

Check out this entertaining and informative overview of the impact of the explosive growth of Internet on the likelihood of online voting in the coming years. Just click on the document title above.

InfoSENTRY in the news

InfoSENTRY Services' President Glenn Newkirk was quoted in various national magazines concerning statewide voter registration systems and the changes coming in voting technology. Among the articles citing Glenn Newkirk and InfoSENTRY's work were the National Journal and The League of Women Voter's "E-Library National Voter" website.

InfoSENTRY Services conducted a project status assessment in 2001 of a $30 million implementation of a statewide ERP system for the Arkansas General Assembly. The firm made numerous presentations to the Senate Committee on Technology and Legislative Affairs and the General Assembly's Joint Budget Committee.

InfoSENTRY Services conducted a statewide needs assessment and requirements analysis for an Oregon Central Voter Registry in 1998 and 1999. Check out news releases concerning this project. They are in HTML format.

Senate Committee Approves Centralized Voter Registration . May, 1999.

Keisling Releases Study Detailing Statewide Voter Registration. March, 1999.

InfoSentry Services Receives Contract for Oregon Voter Registration Study. December, 1998.

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Kansas Legislature Document Management System Technical Papers.
(Requires Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above to view and print.)

InfoSENTRY Services managed a project for the Kansas Legislature to define the requirements for and implement a document management system unique to legislative assemblies in the United States. These are some of the technical reports issued and published on the Internet.

Kansas Legislature Document Management System Project Management Plan. (Version 1.0, January, 2000).

Kansas Legislature Document Management System Implementation Plan. (Version 1.0, May 24, 2000) You will need Adobe Reader 4.0 or higher to view this document..

You can download the current version of the project's Software Requirements Specifications at our FTP site: . You can download the current version of the project's implentation plan at our FTP site: .  As the file extension indicates, this document is a .PDF file that requires Acrobat Reader (4.0) to view it.

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Federal Election Commission Publication : "Developing a Statewide Voter Registration Database"

An InfoSENTRY principal co-authored an FEC study of statewide voter registration systems. To obtain a copy of the final report, "Developing a Statewide Voter Registration Database: Procedures, Alternatives, and General Models," contact the FEC through their website at .

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Election TidBytes Newsletter

    Issue 1, April 2000: Online voter registration, Online voting, Harvard's Policy Group Report on election technology.
   Issue 2, July 2000: Managing project scope creep, network security vulnerability, online voting records, Internet web site accessibility.
   Issue 3, November 2000: Information technology needs assessments, When election technology matters.
   Issue 4, February 2001: "Social engineering" and computer security, Minnesota's election night reporting system, and information technology project management in elections offices.
   Issue 5, May, 2001: Disaster recovery in Washington State, innovative voting booths, election technology reform, Internet in local elections offices.

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