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InfoSENTRY Quality Assurance Management
of a Statewide Electronic Court System Implementation


InfoSENTRY managed a multi-year project beginning in 2008 to provide independent, external quality assurance reviews, risk assessments, security reviews, and quality control audits for a statewide electronic court system implementation.

During the quality assurance engagement, InfoSENTRY prepared 20 quarterly quality assurance (QA) reviews designed to report on the implementation project’s adherence to published industry project management guidelines. Specifically, InfoSENTRY’s QA reviews assessed the degree to which the electronic court system implementation adhered to practices discussed in the Project Management Institute’s (PMBOK®) published guidelines, International Standards Organization standard ISO12207 for software development life cycle management practices, and internal court standards.

Each quality assurance review contained a project risk assessment integrated into the QA reviews’ recommendations to improve project management. InfoSENTRY also conducted over 50 quality control audits, independent verification and validation studies, and lessons learned/after action reviews during the project.



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