InfoSENTRY Quality Control Reports for a
Statewide Electronic Court System Implementation


InfoSENTRY prepared a broad series of quality control (QC) reviews of processes and products associated with a statewide electronic court implementation. Each QC report directly focused on the degree to which the project process or product met both published industry standards and the internal objectives established by the project Executive Sponsors. Among the industry standards and guidelines involved in the quality control reports were those published by the Project Management Institute (PMBOK®), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE®), the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

InfoSENTRY’s quality control reports covered the following processes and products, among many, in the electronic court implementation project:

üProject charter

üOrganizational change management plan

üProject business case

üMain implementation vendor RFP

üProject governance structure

üProject risk management plan

üProject management plan

üProject quality management plan

üProject integration plan

üIdentity/access management (I&AM) plan

üProject cost management plan

üProject contract administration

üData management plan

üProject scope control

üEnterprise architecture plan

üData migration and conversion

üWeb portal requirements and user testing

üProject requirements management

üSecurity management planning

üUser acceptance testing

üDisaster recovery/business continuity plan

üTechnical configuration management

üProject workplan and schedule

üElectronic payment implementation


InfoSENTRY integrated findings from these and other QC audits into the project’s regular quality assurance reviews for this $100 million dollar implementation.

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